Vizient Contract for Equipment and Asset Liquidation Services

Contract # SV1371

BidMed has been awarded a three-year contract with Vizient, the nation’s largest Group Purchasing Organization. This relationship will provide Vizient member’s access to the most competitive pricing for asset disposition services with a trusted and customer service driven partner.

Over the past four years, BidMed has invested heavily in its technology and software development. By making it easier and quicker to conduct full-scale facility inventories, members are able to reconcile assets and facilitate them for transfer or sale faster than ever before.

Vizient members will receive access to the industry’s most powerful technology products, including:

  • BidMed’s fair market pricing data analytics tool (BidMed GreenBook)
  • iOS mobile app for easy inventorying and photographing of assets
  • Web-based inventory system, integrates seamlessly with mobile app and online auction platforms
  • System wide transfer feature to move assets between facilities
  • Real time reporting feature tracking all asset sales at facility and system level

BidMed is the only asset liquidation company in the industry to build its own, in-house, custom auction platform and accompanying products. For years, BidMed has used these products to sell assets more efficiently and is very excited to offer these products to Vizient members.

In short, this partnership will bring tremendous benefits to members looking to reconcile facility assets, valuate assets’ current market prices (ex. trade-in verification purposes), and maximize returns on the sale of retired assets.


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